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Humidity and Snoring: The Odd Couple

Sleepless nights next to your beloved have you feeling the caffeine craze? Snoring affects over 37 million adults annually. If you think you’ve tried every remedy in the books to alleviate troublesome snoring- Komfort Heating is here to save the day! Dry air aggravates… Continue Reading “Humidity and Snoring: The Odd Couple”

Humidity and Beauty Benefits

While humidifiers are widely touted for their benefits to lungs and nasal passages- their hydrating goodness doesn’t stop there! Adding humidity to your home is the essential solution to keeping dry skin and hair out of ¬†your world. With increased levels of moisture in… Continue Reading “Humidity and Beauty Benefits”

How To Keep Flu Germs Out Of Your Home

Not only can a whole-home humidifier help alleviate symptoms of the flu, it can actually prevent the spread of the influenza virus. In a study by the National Academy of Sciences, a strong correlation between dry condidtions and the transmission and survival of the… Continue Reading “How To Keep Flu Germs Out Of Your Home”

Happy Holidays!

Check out our Holiday Smart Home Tech Deals, and enter for a chance to win a variety of community-sponsored gifts for our 12 days of Christmas promotion! Like us on Facebook for information and details on all our special promotions! Place a really smart… Continue Reading “Happy Holidays!”

Feel The Love 2019

During the first weekend in October, Lennox provides community-nominated heroes with high-efficiency Lennox Merit systems complete with 3-year Comfort Shield Labor Protection Plans, while Feel The Love dealers donate their time and labor to make the program a success. On Saturday, October 5th, 2019,… Continue Reading “Feel The Love 2019”