Virus Concerns?

With so much conversation around viral disease, and options for prevention, Komfort Heating wanted to take a moment to connect with the power of air purification systems. With UV-C far reaching technology, air cleaners are now able to effectively eliminate viruses. While you can’t carry one of these around in your pocket and shine it on every person who crosses your path, installation of the equipment into your home can increase health. Maintaining a clean and disease free space is important year round, but particularly as concerns like Coronavirus surface, this added peace of mind is invaluable. The Lennox pure-air is a no-fuss option to add into your homes HVAC system. With a quick and easy installation, the light will kill 90% of all cold and flu viruses in the air, 99% of mold spores, pollen, dust and pet dander.

UV Lights to Alleviate Allergies

Spring and Summer bring in warm air and lots of allergens with it. While difficult to adjust outdoor air quality, the amount of allergens in your home can be controlled. Allergic triggers like mold, mildew, fungi, pet dander, and pollen can all be eradicated through UV Light treatment. A quick and easy installation process, UV lights simply sit in your furnace and as the air circulates past, they kill off the organisms floating in the air. If you’re looking for an entire home solution to allergy problems Komfort Heating and Cooling can schedule you for a free consultation to explore all the options we have available. Call today! (262) 723-2662

Why Do Homes Need ERV’s & HRV’s?

Insulation standards and our ability to create airtight homes have increased greatly over the past 20 years. These changes have enabled us to create homes which are significantly more energy efficient than the homes of the past. Previously, excess moisture and fresh air could leave or enter the home thorough cracks or spaces where the insulation was lacking. Now that insulation techniques and standards have grown, the problem has shifted from energy loss, into an inability for the home to breathe. This can cause a feeling of stuffiness, too much moisture in the home, and increased allergens. An ERV or HRV exchanges old, stale air in the home out for fresh air. While slightly varied in what each type offers,  either system is designed to elevate your comfort and alleviate air flow issues in the home.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Most simply put, an HRV removes stuffy air from your home, and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. The system has two ducts- one to carry in the fresh air, and one to remove the stale. Each side of the ducting passes through a heat exchanger-which allows heat to transfer from one airstream to the other, both bringing in fresh air, as well as reducing heat costs. This will help your home maintain ideal humidity levels indoors, as well as reduce allergens in the home. An HRV is an ideal HVAC addition to any home that just isnt generating the fresh air you need!

Happy, Humid, Houseplants.

Your skin and lungs aren’t the only beneficiaries of a balanced air environment. Houseplants thrive in moist air! So if you have plants in your home that seem to have a hard time keeping up in the winter, a whole home humidifier could help bring them back to life.
Plants not only absorb moisture through their roots, but also through the air and their leaves. Although they do not have lungs like us, the increase in humidity absolutely affects their vitality.
So, if you like to breathe deep and soak in the sunshine with your plants, perhaps considering a whole-home humidifer would be an ideal addition to your home!